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Posted 08/12/19

We all get angry sometimes, right? I certainly can get furious and I’m sure many of you have plenty of angry moments. It hurts to feel angry and it is often treated as an unacceptable emotion. But, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a different view of anger.

Classical Five Element Chinese Medicine theory says that each of the five elements has a particular emotion related to it. The emotion of the Wood Element is Anger. The Wood element is also the element of Spring, making it appropriate to think about now.

Wood exemplifies the energy of growth, change, and pushing through. It is a very active energy that allows for a lot of movement and progress, both internally and externally. In Spring, we may have more energy to get moving on projects, hence the classic “spring cleaning.” It is a good time of year to work on any blockages. We want to get things moving so we can have access to all that great energy. Spring is a time of action, change and rebirth.

Your wood energy needs a healthy release in order to maintain your total well-being.

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On the other side, when thwarted or constrained, wood is also the energy of frustration, anger and stress. Like the Wood element, anger can make us hard and unbendable – like the tree that snaps in a strong wind instead of swaying. So what can we learn from the Wood element? The key here is flexibility. If we hold ourselves too rigidly, we will break and crumble. If we are too loose and wobbly, like a badly rooted tree, there is no growth and real potential for change.

So, the healthy balance is to remain flexible but engaged. Because the Wood element exemplifies the energy of growth, it is also about vision, planning and decision making, essential for creative change. Try to be assertive (not angry), flexible (not rigid), and remain engaged with our eyes on the important people and projects in our life.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, elements are also associated with body organs. The Wood element represents the liver and the gall bladder. The liver function is considered to be the grand architect for our vision of the future. The liver is the centre of strategic planning.

The Gall Bladder is thought to be the centre of our ability to:

  • judge wisely
  • to have new ideas
  • to move forward
  • to have plans
  • to change who we are
  • to be assertive
  • to make decisions
  • to have vision
  • to have hope for our future.

Health Issues for Wood Element Types

When the liver becomes overpowering it will restrain the earth element and upset the digestive system. It can also cause people to live in the head and prevent them from remaining grounded. This can lead to migraine and headaches. The overbearing liver can impact the lungs by causing a conflict between control and expressiveness. This can cause a build-up of phlegm.

Wood element personality types do not always have the proper diet to support their all-action lifestyle. This can lead to fatigue, dietary issues and depression. They need to learn the ability to bring a sense of equilibrium into their lives which in turn will bring about balance in their body and mind.

Where you encounter barriers, you can overcome such obstacles if your ideas are supported.

If you cannot overcome the hurdles and you do not get the necessary support, your ideas may turn inwards. The result may be emotions such as anger and jealousy leading to psychological and physical difficulties.

I believe that we all have the ability within us to keep healthy. In order to keep healthy we need to be able to adapt to our rapidly changing environment.

But this ability to adapt is worn down by two main things-toxicity and deficiency physically, nutritionally or psychologically.

Using Kinesiology therapy we can deal with the physical, nutritional and mental toxicities or deficiencies that may be making the body dysfunctional.

If you feel stuck, frustrated, tense, irritable or moody kinesiology can help.

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