Who is Ivanchenko Kinesiology?


Ivanchenko Kinesiology is managed by Lydia Ivanchenko, the sole kinesiology practitioner. Working as a nurse for many years and caring for my ill husband later on, I have been caring for those around me for most of my life. After neglecting myself and suffering through numerous health problems, I found that the traditional route didn’t take care of me the way I thought it would. Discovering kinesiology really was an awakening.

It helped me to better understand what my mind and body truly needed to heal. I now want to pass on that same discovery, continuing my tradition of caring for those around me, and maybe help you find relief from the stress as well.

Located in the inner-city suburb of Pyrmont, Sydney, I provide a range of services including kinesiology assessments, treatment sessions and consultations in the clinic, at home or on-site.